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Natural Wellness

Ninepipe Organics Medical Marijuana Products in Montana have been nurtured for your wellness.

Perfect Strains

Our Medical Marijuana Strains are grown with the right combination of care and organic compounds to grow the perfect product.

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Starting Jan 1st 2022, Open for Recreational (Adult Use) and Medical Sales.

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Our Dispensary

Your Wellness Matters. We’ll help you find a Healthy Balance.

If you’re looking for a Montana Medical Marijuana Dispensary that organically and selectively grows perfect strains for your wellness, you’ve come to the right place. With a wide range of medical marijuana products, we offer decades of growing knowledge for your health benefits.

Use our Online Ordering website and save time.

Order your medical marijuana products online so that we can have them ready for  pickup when you arrive at our dispensary. Product Details are available online so that you get complete information about our products. Online ordering is safe and secure and can only be accessed if you are an MMP registered patient.


At Ninepipe Organics, we feel that Organic is the best way to grow cannabis. Sure it takes more time to start harvesting, but the benefits far outweigh the extra time taken.

Better quality medical marijuana with:

  • No synthetic pesticide side effects
  • No prohibited ingredients
  • No irradiation
  • Better flavor
  • Greatly reduced environmental impact
  • Less chances of contamination with synthetic pestcides and heavy metals.

By offering a wide variety of medical marijuana strains, we aim to give our customers the choice of different products that complement their health and wellness in different ways. Everyone handles strains differently, so with variety, we are able to find balance.



To offer fresh top shelf product, we maintain a very high level of quality controls. Daily inspections of plants, flowers and infused products ensures that we offer the best product to customers when it’s ready. Never too early and never too late!

Did You Know?

You are required to submit MMP renewal applications at least 30 days before expiration?

Our Happy Customers

"I'm very pleased to say that Ninepipe Organics as my provider has greatly enhanced my wellness and health. Their wealth of knowledge and experience shows when they answer my questions or advise me on my options. A great decision to try their infused products." - James D.

"Right from the start when I walked into the Ninepipe Organics Ashland dispensary, I could tell that they had everything right. Products arranged for easy browsing and providers that know their product and what they are saying. I highly recommend them!" - Holly J.

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Starting Jan 1st 2022, Open for Recreational (Adult Use) and Medical Sales.